• Launch new Art of Decay Website 2016

    Am excited to introduce you our newly redesigned website. The old website served me well for the past years, but technology continues to develop and with this redesign would it be easier for scroll smoothly to all the photos and information.

  • Exhibition 2015 City Gallery Breda The Netherlands

    Eagerness In recent years Paul Jaspers has always held more concerned with capturing these hidden places where man eagerly used. This work made between 2009 and 2015. May 1st till 3rd 2015, City Gallery Breda, Oude Vest 34, 4811 HT Breda

  • Exhibition 2014 City Gallery Breda The Netherlands

    Living Rooms Serie of photographs of forgotten living rooms in Europe. One day leave the site by humans because the location had no future. The following months / years the site goes into oblivion. Nature is beginning to find its way onto the site.

  • Exhibition 2014 Unseen Festival Amsterdam The Netherlands

    Battalion Reveals a serie of photographs which have never been shown before. Places lost from sight, left to be taken over by nature and rediscovered and captured by Martino Zegwaard & Paul Jaspers. Their work shows the magic of decay that touched these forgotten places. September …

  • Exhibition 2013 Breda The Netherlands

    Project: Freedom best medicine Sound The sound I’ll hear the ambient sounds of what remains of an abandoned mental hospital where the patient about got freedom. The photo is one of many in the patient rooms psychiatric institution, where nature takes it further by humans. In …

  • Exhibition 2013 Hengelo The Netherlands

    Project: Freedom best medicine. In 1978 in Italy the law on insanity abolished (Act 180) resulting from the intense reform movement in psychiatry in the 70s.In the photos I show what’s left of a large number of abandoned psychiatric hospitals that Italy has, where still the …

  • Exhibition 2012 Breda The Netherlands

    Art of Decay Project: Art of Decay SOLO expo During international BREDAPHOTO festival 2012. Location De Afdruk Breda. Various work, 10 photos during my trips to abandoned places in Belgium, Sweden,Poland, Italy, France and The Netherlands. From a small house in The Netherlands till an old …

  • Exhibition 2010 BREDAPHOTO Festival The Netherlands

    Project: Lost in the box. BREDAPHOTO Masterclass, The 21st century began in chaos and confusion. It was as if an invisible hand had grabbed hold of the pinball machine of society and given it an almighty shove: TILT(Crash). That impact may appear to have come quite …