Art of Decay, let the hidden beauty of seeing buildings that are no longer used. Buildings that have a lot to humans meant in their lives. A workshop where they worked every day to a product or service. The house where one was raised, where joys and sorrows are shared. Or a public environment where friends or family have a lot in polite.

One day leave the site by humans because the location had no future. The following months / years the site goes into oblivion. Nature is beginning to find its way onto the site. Dust begin hiding its secrets, damp walls and stucco or paint starts to scroll down. Raindrops find an alternative route which leaks occur. Plants and animals start to get a new home. The building starts to become vulnerable. However, the true face and the secrets will never perish completely. Each time it is a privilege to enter an abandoned building and take a look at these hidden treasures.

“Nature does nothing without a goal.”

In recent years Paul Jaspers has always held more concerned with capturing these hidden beauties, where the man lived and worked, and for this he travels around the world.

Paul Jaspers is mainly inspired by the light and atmosphere of the location . And only works with day light.

Paul Jaspers (Breda , 1981), studied at The Art Academy IKO ( Belgium ) towards photographic art . Paul has followed the Masterclass BredaPhoto in 2010 and exhibited at the Breda Photo International Festival and had several exhibitions in the Netherlands and abroad. (BredaPhoto, Unseen Amsterdam)
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